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A Note to my Youngest

My heart is breaking already.

These days of cuddling on the couch with nowhere else to be, holding you while you fall asleep in my arms, being nuzzled by your small face, are numbered. There will come a time where your sweet little coos and tiny diapers, your wispy soft baby hair and toothless cries will be a thing of the past. My heart is breaking because I’m constantly aware of how fleeting time is. This precious age of newness and dependency will be replaced with capability and independence. But the hardest part to accept is that this end happens gradually rather than abruptly. I never got to say goodbye to all these precious moments with your brother because I blinked and suddenly they were gone.

Now that you’re here, my second love, I get to relive those lost moments again, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. I’ll cherish every moment and hold you close for as long as I can.

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