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Check your list twice! Things you will actually use from your baby registry

Wondering what you should include on your baby registry? In all honesty, you can put whatever you would like on your registry! Check out this list for some ideas of “Must Have” items that you will actually use, and some that will even change your world.

-A silicone catch for your breast milk that simply suctions onto the breast that isn’t being fed or pumped on. Say bye-bye to soaked bras, pads, and pillows! #gamechanger

-Even if you plan to nurse, having an extra container of formula on hand is good idea. Brands such as Similac, Enfamil, Gerber, and Nutramigen are trusted and tested rigorously in Canada.

Boomerang (Jolly Jumper brand) or Breast Friend nursing pillow

Receiving blankets
-You can never have too many receiving blankets! Check out Facebook Marketplace for amazing deals; a lot of Moms are just trying to to offload their piles. Pink, blue, zig zag patterns, stained – take what you can get!

Microwave sterilizer
-A sterilizer is a great appliance to have that will make cleaning bottles a breeze! A microwave sterilizer is a quick alternative, however a pot of boiling water will do in a pinch.

Nipple cream
-Keep your nipples protected and crack-free with nipple cream. Some great brands with ingredients that are safe for your baby to ingest include Earth Mama Organics, Motherlove Nipple Cream, and Era Organics Mommy Balm.

Bottle warmer
-Bottle warmers come in a variety of styles, including automatic shut-offs and timers. In about 3 minutes, your baby’s bottle will be the perfect temperature.

-Get bottles with sizes 1 and 2 nipples…yes, the nipples come in different sizes. #1 is a low flow, perfect for newborns up to 6 months. #2, 3, and 4 are for older babies that are able to take in more milk at a time. Premie-sized nipples are also available.

Swaddle blankets / Muslin blankets
-A necessity for keeping baby feeling safe and snug. A tight swaddle will also help decrease the risk of SIDS/SUIDS, but make sure you stop swaddling once baby can turn over.

Sleep sack
-An alternativee to swaddling. There are many types of sleep sacks on the market, so have a look and see what will work best for your baby. Some options include velcro, zippers, and arms in-up-out.

Sound machine
-White noise will help to keep baby asleep for longer periods of time. A sound machine can also be used for calming an upset baby.

2+ crib sheets
-Oh yes, have at least 2 spare crib sheets… guaranteed you will need them!

Waterproof mattress protector
-It doesn’t really matter what kind of surface the crib mattress is made of; a waterproof mattress protector will keep things nice and dry. Having a spare on hand is a huge convenience, since you’ll be able to keep baby comfortable while washing the other.

Baby monitor (with video or audio only)
-If you need peace of mind, go for the baby monitor with video. Watch your little one sleep peacefully on the screen and know everything is alright! Audio only monitors work perfectly fine as well.

Bathroom Supplies
Nose freida / Hydrasense Nose Kit
-If your baby is born a little extra mucousy, or when your baby gets their first cold, you’ll be willing to move mountains just so they can feel a little bit better. Lo and behold, there’s a product for that! Products like the Nose Freida or the Hydrasense Nose Kit may gross you right out, but seriously, you will quickly get over it once you realize you’re not actually sucking their boogers into your mouth. These products, when used properly, will give your baby so much relief, especially at night time, you’ll wish you had gotten one sooner! #gamechanger

Wash cloths – and lots of them!

Baby bath tub
-Which direction you go is completely up to you; some parents like to wash their baby in the sink, others jump right in the tub with their little one. A baby bath tub can make bath time easy – just make sure you always have a hand on the baby when they are in the water.

Comfort and Enrichment
Baby carrier (something that is comfortable and supportive)
-There are tons of different carriers out there. If you know someone that has a couple, try them on and find what you like. Something supportive enough for baby and comfortable for you is really important.

Jolly Jumper
-Oh boy, these things are great! So many babies love them. They are available in two models: 1) This one suspends from a door frame. It’s perfectly safe, but if you don’t have door frames, this will be an issue; and 2) This one comes on a stand that is completely portable. If you don’t have door frames, this is the perfect solution for you! Babies will sit for quite some time in these things, getting their legs nice and strong and straightening out their back at the same time.

-The type of stroller you get is completely up to you! My only suggestion is to try it out first – walk around the store with it, make sure it sits at a good height, and fulfills all your needs. For example, is the seat built in? Does a bucket car seat attach right to it? How much weight can it hold? Does it have enough carrying space in the bottom?

Baby swing / vibrating sitter
-These two products are great for when you need to set baby down and have a few bites of your meal. Some babies always need to be in motion, so a swing is a great option. For a baby that just needs comfort, a vibrating sitter can do the trick. Just be sure to not let baby sleep in either of these products.

Toys with Mirrors
-Babies love to see themselves in the mirror! They learn self-awareness as well as social interaction.

Crinkle toys
-Oh yes, babies love the crinkle toys! They aren’t as noisy at rattle toys, and they are soothing to bite down on during teething.

Clothing stain remover
-If you haven’t found a stain remover for your own clothes that you like, you’re going to need to find one before baby arrives! Some brands you can look into include Bum Genius Odor and Stain Remover, Oxi Clean Stain Remover, and Babyganics Odor and Stain Remover.

Diaper genie
-Ask for the pail. Ask for the liners. #gamechanger

Portable change pad
-Portable change pads are not just for the diaper bag (but throw one in there too!). Instead of going with a change table, you can use a waterproof change pad and change baby on the couch, on the floor, in the backseat of a car (if absolutely necessary….and trust me, it was once). Always make sure baby is safe, and cannot roll off of wherever you are changing them.

Diapers, diapers, diapers!
-Newborn, and size 1 to start. Or feel free to go right for the cloth diapers! I am not a cloth diaper expert, so you’ll have to do some of your own research, but there are a TON of resources out there.

-Yes, lots!

Diaper rash cream
-Tried and tested creams for diaper rash and irritations are Sudocrem and Penaten. Feel free to go for more natural products, including Earth Mama Bum Balm, Peas in a Pod Smooth as a Baby’s Bum Balm, grapeseed oil, or even breast milk!

Corn starch (as a safe alternative to talc found in Baby Powder by Johnson & Johnson)
-Seriously, it works wonders! Currently there is no confirmation of whether talc in Baby Powder contains asbestos, which has been confirmed to be carcinogenic, or causes ovarian cancer. Check out my other blog post for a more detailed discussion about talc in baby powder.

For The Mama
Peri bottle
-Oooooohhhh yes, this is essential for recovery following a vaginal birth. Use warm water, and be very liberal for a soothing visit to the washroom post-baby. The hospital may send one home with you, but keeping an extra one on hand is a good idea.

Epsom salts
-Oooooohhhh another yes, a warm soak in the tub with some epsom salts can change your world when recovering from a vaginal birth. Soothe those hemorrhoids with a warm dip. Be sure to consult with your health care provider to make sure you are able to have a bath (showers are typically recommended post-birth).

-This x 1,000,000,000! A new parent needs all the support after going through such a huge transition from pregnancy to parenthood. A postpartum doula is a perfect support person to help during this time, and can help new parents get off on the right foot of parenting.

Premade meals
-If anyone asks if you need help before baby arrives, get them to make you premade meals! Freeze those lasagnas, those burritos, those cooked veggies, those casseroles, ANYTHING! Having precooked meals is absolutely a #gamechanger when you’re not sure which way is up in the early days of being home with a newborn.

Diary for each child
-You will say you will remember everything, but it all happens in the blink of an eye. Take notes of anything you’d like to remember and look back on later in life – you won’t regret it!

Long form birth certificate (passport)
-In Ontario, if you at all plan to get your child a passport, I suggest opting for the long-form birth certificate. It will have both parents’ names on it, and will streamline the passport process.

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