Thursday April 3rd – Day Six, Adventures in Potty Training

More successes to start the day. I’m in a much better headspace than I was yesterday. Meltdowns truly are cleansing for the soul. I just have to work on not letting my frustrations get to that point and feel the emotions every day instead of letting them pile up.

Our son was much more willing to finish his pees on the potty today. So if we were able to catch him mid stream, he would keep going once we got there. Poop is a different story… He has started to do a potty dance for poop, and it looks like this: he says “Potty”, so we put him on the potty; he jumps up, cries, runs around the apartment saying “Potty”, but refuses to stay sitting on the potty to wait; he unsuccessfully tries to distract himself with toys, but will continue wandering; then comes the grunt and push. We have to be following him the whole time, otherwise we might miss this part and get poop on the floor. We pick him up, carry him over, and we’re lucky we’ll get some in the potty and follow it up with positive reinforcement. If we’re NOT so lucky, we have a gross mess to clean up.

Something absolutely fantastic happened tonight… I told our son that we would be going to bed soon, and that if he needed to pee, he should go to the potty. I tried to make it fun by letting him bring the train that he was playing with to the potty. And you know what, it worked! We didn’t have a mess on the floor! My husband and I got SO excited, we let him watch as we dumped the pee into the toilet and waved goodbye as it flushed away. This was a huge success for our little guy, and hopefully it would be the first of many!

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