Saturday April 5th – Day Eight, Adventures in Potty Training

This morning was going so well! We didn’t have a single accident on the floor, we were all feeling good and optimistic. And then what do we do? We go and muck it all up. With pants.

As many adults would tell you I’m sure, clothes ruin everything. Clothes confuse the poor little dudes and dudettes into thinking they are wearing a diaper again. Although we went commando, as the book tells us to, all of our son’s tells and signals went right out the window. He would just stand there and pee without warning. And once he started to feel the pee running down his leg, then he would start to realize something was happening. But where did the signals go? How were we supposed to catch and carry to the potty without warning or notice?

The rest of the day went like this, and we felt hella guilty. The book says that wearing pants is the next block, or the next step, and you can’t really have them “only potty trained when naked”. It doesn’t work that way. If you wait too long to introduce clothes, they will only get comfortable using the potty while naked. So, naturally, since the day before and this morning had been so successful, we figured we would take the next step and coach him through it just like we had done every day up until now. But that’s when things got really hard for us, mentally.

Our carpets took a beating this day. He went through 6 pairs of pants in a couple of hours. We didn’t manage to get any pee into the potty. By the end of the day, once he was in a diaper and asleep, we reevaluated our current plan. We decided to forgo the pants and give him a little bit longer in Block One for it to click.

It actually wasn’t until the next day that we found exactly what we needed to hear. In the book, we found out under the “Block Two Drama” that your kid needs to be able to get themselves to the potty for pee and poop pretty consistently before introducing pants. We were definitely not there yet. At no point had our son taken himself to the potty and did what he had to do on his own. We would have to prompt him, carry him to the potty midstream, or follow him around and wait for his poop to start dropping before moving him over – none of which demonstrated that he was connecting the dots between the feeling of needing to go and where it needed to be put. So, yeah, pants were put on too early, and boy would that screw us over for Day Nine…

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