Friday April 4th – Day Seven, Adventures in Potty Training

All the successes! Only two instances of pee on the floor, but so many times we got pee in the potty without a mess! Wanna know what the trick was? Wait for it…….. There wasn’t one!! That’s right, no wave of a wand made our son magically start peeing in the potty. What helped was staying consistent. We got excited when he went on the potty. We quietly cleaned up the mess on the floor and only repeated “We don’t pee on the floor, we pee in the potty.” We explained why we were putting a diaper on for sleep time and why we were taking it off after sleep time. STAY CONSISTENT! And cry. Feel the frustrations. Go through the emotions of trying to lead a horse to water AND making it drink. But don’t take it out on your kid, they will pick up on your energies, so make sure you shake it off. Literally go into your bedroom, close the door, and shake/jump/dance/scream into a pillow. Make sure you take care of you during this challenging time.

Our son’s cues, or tells, became very obvious today. He stops what he’s doing, leans over, and stares at his penis. Guaranteed, within 5 seconds, pee is about to come streaming out. Along with staying consistent, I became very aware of his tells. I was able to watch for them much easier today than any other day, and I was able to say “Hold it, hold it” as soon as his head went down, picked him up, and brought him to the potty where he continued to pee. We got SO excited a LOT today, it was a very big day.

Nap time has been developing a pattern. Our son is either a morning pooper, or a just after lunch pooper. We give him lots of time to work on that poop before putting a diaper on and going down for a nap. However, his tiredness takes over and this kid becomes a walking hazard to himself, so we’ve had to put him to bed before the arrival of the poop. Of course, Chatty Cathy decided to blab away for 10 minutes before I went in to check for poop. Sure enough, this turkey had one waiting for me. After cleaning him up he went right to sleep. In the book, Glowacki talks about how the body relaxes completely during sleep, and with a toddler who is stressed about the weird sensation of pooping without a diaper on, they will tend to poop in their sleep. Our son has never been a “sleep pooper”, but he very well may become one. 

Something else that my husband and I noticed today is that our kid was being a brat. That’s right, a brat. Kids can be brats. More specifically, our kid was being a toddler. He was standing on his trucks, he was swinging the rocking chair back and forth at alarming speeds, he was cranky, he was refusing to eat some of his favourite foods, and he threw every bowl and plate on the floor from his high chair. Dealing with your potty training apprentice is difficult on a good day, but when they’re acting like a toddler, whew! But check this out, these are some of the things my husband and I said out loud today:

“He has had such a great day today.”
“I’m so glad we didn’t give up on him.”
“I’m so proud of him.”
“This kid is the best.”

If you think something positive, say it out loud. Give your positive thought the spotlight it deserves. There is something called a “Gratitude” exercise, where you say or write down 3 things each day that you are grateful for. My husband and I shared many positive things with each other about our son today, and we didn’t dwell on the fact that he liked PB and J yesterday but not today, and he threw all of his peppers onto the floor that I just spent time cutting up. Saying the positive things out loud really helped a lot today, and it made me excited for Day Eight.

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