Tuesday April 1st – Day Four, Adventures in Potty Training

April Fool’s Day! And what a day it was…

Continue the potty training drama. Continue the defiant toddler. We were up and down with successes today, and ended up cleaning up more pee off the floor and out of the carpet than from out of the potty. But again, we stayed consistent with our plan. We did have less temper tantrums and less tears today, so that was some progress!

At the end of the day as I sat there watching my son laugh while being tickled by my husband, I could feel the faintest hint of doubt and low self-esteem start to creep in. I feel like I let him down, I feel like I should have caught his pee earlier. I feel like I’m holding him back. But seeing them laugh and play with pure joy reminded me that he was fine, that we were moving forward, and it was all just me overreacting. This is a new skill he is learning, one that can only be accomplished with practice. “It’s only Day Four, don’t beat yourself up so damn much!” is what I’ve been telling myself over and over again today.

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