Monday March 30th – Day Three, Adventures in Potty Training

Monday, Day Three. After two days of establishing something of a routine and getting our son used to having so much diaper-free time, it was time for my husband to go back to work. With the COVID-19 virus growing around us, he is fortunate to be able to work from home. I knew this week would be a little more difficult for me to keep the consistency on my own and have eyes on all the time, I just didn’t know how difficult it would be.

The morning of Day Three went really great! Our son was starting to say “potty” and “pee” together, and I’m thinking that means he’s beginning to relate the two things together. We had success getting him onto the potty once he had already started peeing on the floor, and he would finish his pee there.

We quickly started to realize that he was getting SO excited for the praise and encouragement after he would sit on the potty, that he would sit for 3 seconds, stand up, and say “I did it!” in his oh-so-adorable way. If there wasn’t anything, we would say “No, sorry buddy, there is nothing in the potty. You need to put your pee pee in the potty”, or something along those lines. Or, he would pee a lot on the floor, save a few dribbles for the potty, and then get so excited for his few dribbles. It was hard not to get really excited with him in these moments, because he did save a few dribbles for the potty. But the lake on the floor would contradict our celebrations… at least that’s what the book said. Glowacki suggests to still encourage them by saying “Yes, thank you, you peed in the potty. You also peed on the floor, and we don’t pee on the floor.” Kids have short attention spans, so they cling on to the last thing you say – therefore, give them praise for peeing on the potty, but then don’t forget we don’t pee on the floor.

The afternoon of Day Three went quite a bit differently than the morning. Our son was very, very, very clingy. If you have kids, do you ever just get… overtouched? Overstimulated? For the record, it is completely normal and common for parents to feel this way. Kids require a lot of mental and physical attention, and sometimes kids just need a lot more of it. This typically comes during significant developments or growth, such as growth spurts, teething, sickness, etc. But sometimes you just get overtouched and mama needs some space!

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