Adventures in Potty Training – The Beginning

Some day, when I’m embarrassing my son and regaling his partner with the story of his potty training days, he will absolutely know that he was potty trained during the COVID-19 Outbreak of 2020. He will know that while the rest of the world was worried about hand washing, sanitizing, and stocking up on toilet paper, my husband and I were focused on whether we just saw a dribble of pee or the hint of a poop grunt and needed to spring into action.

We are following the “Oh Crap” potty training method, developed by potty training expert Jamie Glowacki. It is important to me for you to know that if this isn’t the method you have used/are using to train your own children, THAT IS OKAY! I am not here to tell you how you should potty train your children, because every child is going to learn this new skill differently. There are a lot of different methods out there to choose from, so use what will work for you and your family. I am also not here to take Glowacki’s methods and call them my own. The whole point of this post is to share mine and my husband’s own experience following this method, to shed some personal insight into this magical world of potty training, and hell, maybe even just to make you smile and not feel so alone in all this. I’ll be breaking this chronicle into individual posts in order to torture you a little bit less by not having to read one giant long blog post all at once. What do you say, come on this adventure with me? You won’t regret it!

Before Day 1

Yep, you read that right, BEFORE Day 1 even begins! The “Oh Crap Potty Training” method is spread out over the course of 277 pages, so unless you have this book on audio, you better get reading! If you are fortunate to have a partner to help you with this task, it is hugely beneficial for you both to read it. You and your partner should be on the same page (or in this case, in the same book 😉 ), so that you can better set your child up for success. Communication with each other is key for success!

So, we read the book. Well, most of it anyway. We knew we weren’t going to try night training right away so we read up until this point, even though Glowacki suggests it’s easier to do it at the same time as day training; it’s a personal choice. The book breaks down potty training into Blocks, and the most important thing for us to remember about the Blocks is that they do NOT mean days! Each block does not equal 1 day. There are 4 Blocks in total, and there should be no expectation for our son to be potty trained in 4 days. We had the mindset that we would be consistent, shake off the negative energy, and it would take as long as it takes.

One important thing we learned (aside from ALL OF IT) is to not introduce the potty until you’re ready to start using it. Think about it – when you started using the stroller or the high chair, you didn’t bring it to your child, let them play on it, let them roll it around, or use it as a toy. Nope, you most likely just stuck them in it and started using it for its sole purpose. Luckily our potty was still in the car after we borrowed it from a friend, so introducing it prematurely was not going to be an issue.

Next, all we had to do was choose a date! Since my husband has been working from home for the past 2 weeks because of COVID-19, we decided that self-isolation and social distancing would be the perfect opportunity to potty train – nowhere to go, a completely empty social calendar, and both of us home. It is absolutely possible for a single parent to potty train their child, it just makes it a little easier and a little less stressful to have a second pair of eyes. So, Saturday March 28th was our chosen date.

There wasn’t a lot of prep involved. The night before the 28th, we picked up any extra material items – pillows, nice blankets, stuffed animals – and put them away. Vacuumed the carpet. Shifted some toys around to make space for the potty. Laid towels down on the couch. Done!

Thanks for joining me! Stay tuned for Day 1, and more epic tales on our Adventures in Potty Training 😉 ❤

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